5 The most spicy food in the world you must try

The tongue feels burning, eyes bulging like wanting to be angry, sweat pouring profusely as physical evidence if we are trying to fight spicy taste. The spicy sensation that arises makes people feel addicted even though the spicy taste and excessive consumption of spicy foods can cause digestive disorders.

Now do you know about the hottest food in the world, are you interested in trying?

1. Kimci, South Korea


This famous food from Korea is indeed quite popular. For you lovers of Korean dramas, of course you are no stranger to this one food? This food is made from pickled cabbage which is soaked in ginger, chili, garlic, and shallots for one month. Spicy not only felt on the outside, but also felt until the last bite. The spicy really stings and burns the tongue.

2. Suicide Chicken – United States

Having a unique name, the stinging spicy taste in this food comes from a combination of tabasco sauce, dried chili slices, and chopped fresh chili before being fried. The aroma is able to make the nose pierced. Hmmm, what is the sensation when you eat it …

3. Jerk Chicken – Caribbean

This one food also includes the hottest. Spicy seasoning consists of cloves, cinnamon, leeks, nutmeg, thyme, garlic, and scotch bonnet chili which gives a feeling of heat to the lips and stomach of the connoisseur.

4. Vindaloo – India

India is also a country rich in spices. Not to mention Indian specialties, Vindaloo is on this list. Vindaloo is made from spices such as fennel, mustard seeds, dried chili, coriander and ginger. Before cooking, the chicken is soaked with these ingredients first. No wonder if the spicy taste feels to the chicken bones.

5. Radish with Pepper Pepper – Chinese

This one dish from China is also famous for its spicy taste. This dish is made from radish mixed with Sichuan pepper. This food uses Bird’s Eye chili, whose spicy strength can burn the tongue. Not only that, Sichuan pepper and chili chunks also add spicy flavor.

Pudding Recipes You Must Try

Manggo Pudding

Weekend is coming, it’s time to try to serve a variety of special dishes for the family. Let’s try serving a favorite pudding for children. Peek at the recipe here.


300 grams of fresh strawberries
5 chopped strawberries
500 ml of fresh milk
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
1 tbsp gelatin powder
100 ml of hot water

How to make:

Blender strawberries, yogurt and milk until smooth and evenly mixed.
Dissolve gelatin powder with hot water in a cup.
Mix the liquid gelatin then blender again until the pudding mixture is united.
Pour on glasses. Store in the refrigerator and ready to be served when it’s cold.
You can add strawberry pieces to make it taste more fresh.


Strawberry Yoghurt Pudding


Now the mango is in season and abundant. Let’s try if these fruits become a variety of delicious dishes. This one dessert must be tried. Take a look at the recipe here.


1 pack of mango jelly
750 ml plain UHT milk
1 tsp plain gelatin
2 manalagi mangoes
enough sugar

How to make:

Blend all ingredients together.
If you want super silky dough, you can filter it first.
Heat the mixture in a pan over low heat.
Cook until boiling.
Pour the pudding into the cup.
Cool and give the mango pieces on top.
Pudding is ready to be served.
Good luck.