Pudding Recipes You Must Try

Manggo Pudding

Weekend is coming, it’s time to try to serve a variety of special dishes for the family. Let’s try serving a favorite pudding for children. Peek at the recipe here.


300 grams of fresh strawberries
5 chopped strawberries
500 ml of fresh milk
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
1 tbsp gelatin powder
100 ml of hot water

How to make:

Blender strawberries, yogurt and milk until smooth and evenly mixed.
Dissolve gelatin powder with hot water in a cup.
Mix the liquid gelatin then blender again until the pudding mixture is united.
Pour on glasses. Store in the refrigerator and ready to be served when it’s cold.
You can add strawberry pieces to make it taste more fresh.


Strawberry Yoghurt Pudding


Now the mango is in season and abundant. Let’s try if these fruits become a variety of delicious dishes. This one dessert must be tried. Take a look at the recipe here.


1 pack of mango jelly
750 ml plain UHT milk
1 tsp plain gelatin
2 manalagi mangoes
enough sugar

How to make:

Blend all ingredients together.
If you want super silky dough, you can filter it first.
Heat the mixture in a pan over low heat.
Cook until boiling.
Pour the pudding into the cup.
Cool and give the mango pieces on top.
Pudding is ready to be served.
Good luck.

50+ Cute Women casual winter outfits 2019

Winter appears to bring an excess element of sophistication to looking adorable. On the flip side, you need to dress warm enough to wander from 1 spot to another although not so hot that you end up completely undressing each single time you walk into a heated area.

However, you may be both trendy and comfortable throughout the winter. It simply requires a little imagination.

Selecting your winter casual outfits is different in if you require more or simple than straightforward. Fashion designers begins to launch their brand new layouts together with the start of winter, and that means you want to begin looking for your very own casual outfit thought. These layouts consist of fresh dresses, pants, sweaters, button-ups and coats all to get a posh fall/winter look. In case you don’t have any clue how to make a casual outfits, then you’ll want to find some help. You’ll have to understand how to pair colours and make the very best outfits out of clothing in your closet.


Accessories for casual outfits:

Jewelry are the most popular accessories involving girls as they can worn regardless of the era. Use earrings, bracelet with simple layouts and select your handbag with colours to match the rest of the accessories.

Selecting coat for casual outfits:

A Trench coat is a classic piece in your wardrobe you will wear again and again. A designer coat is going to be a better cut and cloth to its high-street counter component. If you want synthetic rain coats in trendy leather-like finishes, then pick a layout that contain full zipper and button closures. Leather-like completed rain coats for girls are best for night outs and laid back days

50+ Medium Bob Hairstyles Ideas For Women

Medium bob haircuts are still among the most common easy-care styles, because they flatter just about all face shapes. And in addition to that, medium bobs are a versatile style you can wear glossy, casual, curly, wavy or windswept — depending upon your mood. So if you’re looking for a simple style that is both trendy and easy to keep, have a minute to find the newest looks here!

Classic medium bob is a really clever bit of hairstyling, certain to balance a less than ideal face shape! Casually draped segments of hair frame the face, softening the line. This balances the’broad’ top of the face to a narrow chin, which has hair in chin-length to add width. The light-brown hair gains movement and texture from fine blond balayage in harmonizing pale beige. Suits long and gallop, narrow faces.

The piled back angled bob is always in fashion, and it has retained its’contemporary’ look nearly 50 years now! It’s a excellent alternative for thick, powerful hair types which have effortless quantity in the curved focal point over the nape. This variant is styled to match the present style for a vertical parting showing off one ear on the shorter side. And the surface is adorned with strands with a small bend to break the right lines.

The long bob (“lob”) is a traditional cut at which the length of the hair falls between the chin and collarbone. This season we are carrying the lob haircut to a whole new level. Curls, asymmetric cuts, deep components, waves — the choices are endless! The best part? They are really easy to wear and style anywhere. Check out the hottest bob hairstyles we discovered this year to your next inspiration to attempt, wear it, rock it, and plan to say”thank you” for all of the compliments it will bring!

50+ Black Medium Hairstyles For Women

Black Medium Hairstyles For Women_featured

Black medium length hairstyles are all types of hairstyle that are acceptable for black haired lady. These hairstyles are acceptable for girls because medium length hair does not have any substantial effect that’s due to face shapes variety. By way of instance, woman with thin body occasionally must avoid long hair as it is going to make her thinner than previously.

Now, moderate length will offer suitable hairstyle and increase your volume and body form. You can even combine black medium length with a flash of dark colour to create more stunning and sexier.


Essentially, medium length hair is the simplest hairstyle application since it can be altered based on your needs. However, there’s one tip you have to persist that’s always to select the hair do that suits your personal style, face shape, and hair style, also. Black moderate lengths hairstyles will offer stunning, glamorous, stylish, and sexy look everywhere you go and at any given time. This hairstyle is also acceptable for any sorts of body and face shape.

50 Women Winter Outfits With Skirts

Now’s officially the opportunity to plan your winter wardrobe, and even though it’s easy to rely on your favourite jeans-and-sweater combo throughout the six-plus months of rain and snow, occasionally, shifting up your outfit formula is just what you will need to lift your mood.

Women Winter Outfits With Skirts_cover

Just because it’s winter does not mean you need to quit wearing your favorite hemline. Thanks to the aid of comfy sweaters, classic coats, and some remarkable footwear, there are a lot of ways to wear a skirt in the winter without completely freezing. The road style images beforehand prove itSkirts are a seasonless staple–both the mini and maxi varieties. In other words, if you know what to wear together.

Continue reading to find all thoughts skirt outfits for the winter.

This winter I got more daring when it comes to choosing my outfits and played around with various styles, garments and costs, so I believe I gained a little more experience on what looks trendy and works well when it is freezing outside. In regards to dresses and skirts I was not always brave enough to wear them frequently and I dare say that this year I adored them. They’re so girly and fun and really easy to make them look trendy. Wouldn’t it be bad to not have the ability to wear them just because you’re scared of the cold weather? I thought so, that is why I am going to share all of my styling hints below!

But before we begin, I Would like to provide you with some tricks that make a huge difference when it comes to beating the cold when getting your legs exposed:

The best way to overcome the cold when wearing skirts:

Choose skirts that are lined or made out of thick and warm materials such as wool, leather, denim and cotton.
Longer skirts make you feel warmer.
Give a shot to fleece lined tights. They’re the warmest of the kind.
All sorts of boots are fantastic for winter, but knee-high boots offer the most protection from cold and seem very sexy at the exact same time.
If you would like to wear a mini skirt and feel cold, add a long coat over it to cover your exposed legs.
Now it is time to proceed to a few of my favorite ways to wear a skirt through winter!

50 Cute Medium Hairstyles For Women

Cute Medium Hairstyles For Women_featured

Medium hairstyles are a popular option in 2019 due to their length’s versatility. This provides loads of styling options like leaving your hair down with waves, layers, braids, ponytails or curls. For that formal event, you can still place it into a gorgeous updo.

Nowadays, time constraints to keep long hair have led many females to decide on medium-length hair which gives them a perfect appearance. It’s largely apt for working girls and school-going young girls who find it tough to handle long hair. Many others who prefer to experiment with different hair styles also favor medium-cuts to acquire a new look.

It’s also acceptable for men and women that have thin hair. They get a bounce which makes their hair seem heavier and better. Individuals with natural long curls may equally enjoy a moderate style. A jagged layer is a favorite hairstyle for women as it doesn’t require regular trimming thereby reducing the need to see salons frequently.

You don’t have any dearth of choices out there when you have medium length hair if you’ve got straight hair or wavy locks. Proceed and assess some examples that we have selected for you!