39 Winter Outfits Wear To Work For Women

When temperatures dip below 20 degrees and it is still dark outside at 7 a.m., it’s tempting to go for the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Who doesn’t want to walk in the office in sweatpants, or prevent the cold completely and work from home. . .in sweatpants? This sentiment (coupled with the fact that my puffer coat hides my entire outfit) morphs me into a lazy fashion woman each year, with a go-to winter appearance of beige wool sweater and black high-waisted skinny jeans. This winter though, I vow to never let the my wardrobe take that cold-weather hit. Here, Outfits Wear To Work outfit ideas that will get you from Monday to Friday in style.

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Getting dressed for work every morning can be difficult enough. However, I find it especially challenging when it is too cold to breathe and you have to take care of a dangerously cold commute and an office fluctuating between under and over heated but not quite right ( or is that just my workplace?) . You want/have to still seem profesh and polished but you also have to deal with things like shoes that could navigate ice and snow (or wearing the dreaded commuter sneakers and trusting no looks down at your toes on your way in), tights and socks, bulky sweaters and scarves, layers, etc..

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I have found that getting out of bed when it is cold and dark is tough enough without having to worry about looking cute.

Whether you operate in a more casual environment or just have a few casual Fridays here and there, having simple winter ensembles which are also work appropriate are always great to have on hand. Keep reading to see our favourite work outfits that anybody can put together in minutes.

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