37 Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

As we know, the wedding day is a really special that should happen  only once in a lifetime. That’s why everything should be perfect on that day, especially the hairstyle. If the bride has medium length hair, there are a lot of hairstyles fit for wedding that she can try. One of the best options is Loose Waves hairstyle. The loose waves can be styled with flowers or ribbons on the back.

Traditionally, braid is often used as the hairstyle for wedding. If you like braid as well for the wedding day, you can try using Flower Braid. The hairstyle is basically arranging the hair with big braids on the back of head and accessorizes the hair with small flowers. The flowers can be arranged to resemble small hairpins or arrange to cover the back of the head lengthwise so that they look like a crown.

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A bun is a classic wedding hairstyle. For those who have medium hair, the Double Twisted Bun is the perfect for you. It is the best because it makes the bride looks naturally pretty and enhance the elegancy. Moreover, the bun also makes the bride looks extremely formal and beautiful on her special day.