29 Medium Hairstyle Easy for School Teenager

Medium Hairstyle Easy For School

Teenagers are at the stage when they want to express themselves individually through unique styling, including hairstyling. Nonetheless, teenagers may not possess sufficient skills to style their own hair. In addition, during school days, teenage students will not have enough time to spare to do their hair. They have to get ready really early in the morning, sometimes even missing breakfast. What kind of hairstyle that will suit school teenager’s needs and skills?

First of all, the hairstyle should be practical. It is not fun to get through a busy day with your hair all over your face. Braided hairstyle looks intricate and beautiful. However, you can actually do it within minutes. You can make messy braid on the side. This braided hairstyle definitely does not require braiding prowess as the messier it gets, the edgier it looks. The braid needs to be tight and fat until the tapered end of one’s hair then it will get fastened by a hair tie.

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Another simple hairstyle that suits young teenager in school is a simple top knot. This hairstyle is possible even for someone who has short hair. You only need to gather some (or all) of your hair on top of the head, twirl, and secure it tightly. It does not matter whether the knot is messy.