26 Women Summer Scarfs Ideas

Scarf is a perfect accessory for the summer days. There are some summer scarfs for women who like to go out with a scarf on the neck. First, you can match a patterned or colorful scarf for a swingy dress with solid color. The colorful scarf or the fancy pattern it has will draw any people’s eyes and their attention as well. Just tie it simply around the neck and have the point in front. Secondly, polka do scarf in black and white will be suitable for distressed denim short. For more stylish look, match it with white t-shirt and have the scarf in the style of worn necktie.

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If you love pastel color, you can have this kind of scarf as well. Just wrap it around your neck and go with soft and feminine wardrobe items. A good sample to try is gingham print sundress with retro style. It is also good to prepare a matching outfit with scarf if you would like to go the beach. Have a colorful scarf and set it into pirate fashion for a bold look. Last, skimpy tank top and summer jeans will match well with a lightweight long scarf. It can give plus point for your look.