24 Pretty and Cute, Long and Curly Hair Ideas For Women

Medium Hairstyle Easy For School

Curly long hair is beautiful. However, styling such hair can be a bit tricky especially for beginners. Before styling the hair, it is important to make sure that the hair is properly combed and free of knots. The first hairstyle that you can try out is top bun. The curly hair is going to serve as beautiful embellishments to otherwise conventional bun. The hair must be combed all the way through and curled as neat as possible. Gather the entire hair and form it into middle level bun. The curls must be flared in order to showcase its beauty. This bun must be secured all around with pins so the curls will stay intact.

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If you are a type of person who cannot be bothered about hairstyling but has messy curls, you may be sold by this messy ponytail hairstyling idea. This style suits people with small and large curls. To do this look, gather the entire hair up to head crown but leaving few strands on the sides. Secure the hair on top with elastic band tightly with slight push upward to create volume at the top. Adding bandana or other cute items like flower crown will be able to amplify the beauty of this hairdo.

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