20 Flawless Outfits Ideas To Wear

Okay, so you’re not totally screwed, but you probably are super-sweaty and sick and tired of leaving your apartment for a city block thick with 100% humidity — and the immediate hair frizz and too-obvious wet marks on your clothing that inevitably follow. You’re also probably wondering what to wear.

Although, scorching temperatures and ungodly humidity may tempt you to chop off your hair and sport a classic linen sundress day in and day out, we promise that’s not your only sartorial recourse. When fate forces you to shed your swimsuit and honor your work, family and life commitments, but your beach brain is at a loss for ideas for summer outfits, we’ve got you (comfortably) covered. From work-ready ensembles to date-friendly getups and everything in between, click through the slideshow above for enough inspiration for summer outfits to last all month long.

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