20 Casual Summer Outfits Ideas With a Long Striped Cardigan

Hello Dear fashion readers! I want you to have a look through this gallery images and write down style tips on how to wear a summer stripped cardigan this year.

As such, I decided that a post covering all long cardigan stripped outfits, showing you how to wear a long cardigan sweater (in summer) would be the perfect opportunity for me to rehash all my recent looks and further convince of the long stripped cardigan necessity in your summer wardrobe 🙂 – if I haven’t done that already! hehe

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You might know by now my summer outfit ideas always include a little cellulite camo and this long stripped cardigan helps that cause.

When wearing a long cardigan, I want to style it with high waisted skinny jeans and fitted a shirt tucked in. See how my legs appear longer instantly? Espeically with these nude open toe sandals. Like they start up a lot higher on my waist then they really do? Are you starting to think I’m 5’3 now? I bet so.

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