20+ Beautiful Casual Date Outfits For Winter


First dates are nerve-racking—for everyone. Planning what you’ll do, figuring out what to wear, and hoping that initial encounter isn’t, well, awkward—it’s all part of what makes meeting someone for the first time so stressful. But one way to reduce said stress and nerves is to wear something that you feel 100% comfortable in, and that’s exactly where we come into play. We’re here to help you plan and perfect your first-date winter outfits and provide you with easy-to-follow formulas you can always turn to when you find yourself in a dressing rut.

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On one hand, you want to look like the best version of yourself, but on the other hand, you don’t know how that’s physically possible with all those required layers. Don’t worry, people—we’ve left this one up to an expert. Below, Nora DeKeyser, marriage broker at 3 Day Rule, told United States precisely what to not decline a winter date, along side a couple of outfit ideas to induce you impressed. Check out her list below, remember the choice is ultimately up to you and your comfort level (not anyone else’s), and click in to see some winter-date outfit ideas.

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There are hundreds of wardrobe possibilities for an outfit that’ll make your special someone’s mouth drop. We’ve compiled 30 fail-safe looks along with some tried-and-true ideas that will help you look and feel like the beautiful woman that you are.